1923 – A Year in Vienna

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January 4

Zionist Group of the Leopoldstadt quarter: Café National, Taborst, 8 pm: Lecture: Dr. N. M. Gelber: Zionist Attempts in the Years 1840/41.

January 6

Society "Jewish Child Lovers" Zentralkino, 2, Taborstrasse, 9:30 pm: Jewish Film: "Fiddler of the Ghetto"

Herr Ing. Isaak Steindling and Fraulein Adele Lautman marry. Their friends Josef and Moritz Bloch congratulate them in a newspaper notice.

January 9

In the banqueting hall of the Hotel Continental an evening celebration for the benefit of the Jewish Soup kitchen, will take place in the 2nd district, Krummbaumgasse 8. The following outstanding artists will perform in the service of charity: Prof. Alfred Gruenfeld, concert singer Elise Elizza, Dr. Leo Samek, Frau Grete Loew and others. Followed by dancing and orchestra under the musical direction of Max Geiger.

January 11

Roland Theatre Performance by visiting actors of the THEATRE OF VILNA "The Dybbuk (Between Two Worlds)" Dramatic legend in 3 acts by Sh. An-ski.

January 13

Salomon Abrahamovicz and wife are delighted to announce the birth of a strong and healthy baby boy.

Coal prices rise.

January 20

Great national army show and demonstration by anti-Semites in front of the Vienna town hall 20,000 participants. Declaration against "anti-Semitism hidden in a drawer", we need "active anti-Semitism": Call for legal changes: Numerus Clausus at universities and against Jewish judges and clerks.

January 23

After complete renovation open again! Grand Café Restaurant 'Central', 2nd district, Taborstr. 8a. (next to Central cinema). Exquisite Viennese cuisine, special Romanian cuisine. Kosher. Roasted and grilled dishes and a whole range of Romanian dishes. Large dining hall (for 800 persons) and small rooms for weddings, banquets, dancing parties etc. W. Spritzer, restaurant proprietor.

January 24

Mourning for Max Nordau in Paris.

January 25

In lieu of cards! The undersigned wishes to invite all relatives, friends and political friends to the Bar-Mitzvah (Jewish ritual- the ceremony of a boy's 13th birthday) celebration of his son Gideon, held on Saturday, 27 January, 9 am in the Leopoldstaedter Tempel (synagogue), II, Tempelgasse, Vienna, Shevat 5683, January 1923. II, Adambergergasse 12/16. Alfred May.

January 27

Marriage proposal. For a young doctor, graduate of the export? academy, Hebraist, of very handsome appearance, an appropriate girl with corresponding dowry, wanted in marriage. Please send proposal under "Sense for Beauty" to the address of the paper.

January 28

Hakoach sports field Krieau Sunday, 28 January, 2pm. championship: Viennese Sport Club against Hakoah. The replacements play before the game. Advance ticket sale: Stadion, II. Franzensbrueckenstr. 31, Mariahilferstrasse 179, Neufeld & Singer, IV, Favoritenstr. 79, Hakoah, I., Wiesingerstrasse 11, Wiener Sportclub, Ruckergasse.

February 4

Uproar during the lecture "The aberrations of erotic passions" by the famous Berlin pathologist Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld in the Great Concert-house hall: "Horrible, paniclike scenes, evoked by the criminal attack of national socialist student on a public of a thousand. Shootings, stink-bombs, rubber truncheon and open knives were the means by which panic was aroused which could have easily led to the most terrible consequences. Not only men, but also women were abused by the "heroes" who cut and run before the police arrived."

February 7

Tuition fee for high school and universities is raised.

February 11

Viennese Jewish Singing club. Tomorrow, 11 February, 2nd social gathering in the rooms of the theatre "PAN", Vienna, I, Riemergasse 11. Participants: Fr. (Mrs), Schnabl-Hoeflich, Fr. Fritzl Buchler, Frl. Kraus, Herr (Mr.) Engsield, Prof. Scharfberg, Chief Cantor Margulies, Prof. Nadrage, Friedrich Becker. Starts: 7 pm. Tickets to be bought there.

February 17

Political unrest: Two monarchists were shot at, from a streetcar, after a gathering in Hietzing. The workers were on their way home: 1 worker killed, two severely wounded. Statement was given by Dr. Otto Bauer.

February 18

Commemoration of the death of A. D. Gordon: The "Hitachdut" organizes a memorial ceremony at 30 Glockengasse on Sunday, 18th February, 6pm.

February 21

Sports Club Hakoah, Vienna. Today, Wednesday, February 21, 1923, 9 pm. A fancy-dress ball will be held in the rooms of the Sophiensaele [a venue for big parties], with the Gangelberger Orchestra. Ladies: Evening dress or costume. Masquerade obligatory. Gentlemen: dress coat, smoking. No costumes. Remaining tickets can be bought on the evening.

As a step against Jewish students from Hungary and Poland, the College of Advanced Technology decides to limit the number of foreign students to 10%, but also to split Jews into 'Ostjuden' (East European Jews) and 'Westjuden" (West European Jews), because the total of Jewish students is to be limited to 10% for each subject.

February 25

Commemoration of Nordau by the Zionist Union of former students and the Academic Federal Union. Sunday, February 25 1923, 9:30 am in the banqueting hall of the Hotel Continental, II, Taborstrasse 4. The program includes: A quartet of wind instruments of the Opera, Chief cantor Margulies with the choir singing the Requiem by Sulzer, Memorial speech by Dr. Desider Friedmann, President of the Zionist federal committee, Rudolf Zeisel (Raimund theatre), reading from Nordau's writings. Tickets: II, Taborstrasse 20a.

February 28

Academic union of Jewish physicians. IX, Waehringerstrasse 18. Union of Jewish students at the College for Commerce and Trade, II, Taborstrasse 1-3. Tomorrow, Wednesday, 28th February, a Fancy Dress ball at the Sophiensaele [a venue for big parties].

March 1

Association "Yehuda Halevi" Today, 8:30 pm. in the conservatory of the Hotel Continental "The situation of the Jews in Austria". lectures Dr. Leopold Plaschkes.

March 3

Jewish mass assembly in the Volkshalle of the new Viennese town hall. "Against the anti-Semitic agitation! It is a duty of honor to participate!" Organized by the club? of Jewish representatives on the town council and the Jewish community. Opening by Kultursrat (the Jewish community organization representative) Dr. Isidor Schalit. Speakers: Town councillor Dr. Leopold Plaschkes; Town councillor Dr. Pollack; Town councillor Dr. Ehrlich. [The rally was interrupted by anti-Semitic protests and attacks from up to 10,000 National Socialists. The police intervened].

Purim fancy dress ball of the "Free Jewish Popular Theatre", Saturday, March 3, 1923, in the banqueting hall of Hotel Continental, II, Taborstrasse 4. Starts: 8 pm.

March 5

"Zeiri Mizrachi" (religious youth movement), Vienna, II Praterstrasse 43/11. Monday, 5 March, 7 pm., in the banqueting hall of the Hotel Post. Vienna, I, Fleischmarkt Nr. 24: Big Purim (Jewish ritual) celebration. The program includes: Jewish Folksongs: Chief cantor Alter; Violin recital Herr Ressler (opera), Recitals Herr S. Schwager, Herr Segal, two humoristic sketches (director Herr Silberstein), Premiere "M'Kebalim" by Perez, Comedy performance: Ballagur (Artists' Theatre of Petersburg) and others.

March 6

"Parasites away!” and a Swastika drawn with chalk: grafitti on the walls of the College of Advanced Technology.

March 7

Census. Apart from main language, ethnic belonging and race also must to be stated.

Parents' association "Menorah", VI, Mariahilferstrasse, Nr. 99, Hotel Pallas. Today in the banqueting hall of the commercial organization Vienna, I, Johannesgasse Nr. 4 "Babel fancy dress ball". Babylon hurly-burly/ Beauty competition (three valuable prices)/ Costumes rally/ Snowballing/ Oriental fortune teller. Starts: 9pm.

March 10

"A Jewish Debate in the Viennese City Council". The Jewish National town councillors Dr. Plaschkes and Dr. Ehrlich criticize the attitude of the government towards the Viennese Jewbaiting. Czechs and Social Democrats agree, Christian Socialist and German Nationals protest.

Jakob Wassermann celebrates his 50th birthday.

March 11

"Der Montag" with the "Sport-Montag" organizes for its readers in the Ronacher venue a second one-off performance with S. Breitbart and an abundant variety theatre?. Breitbart has improved his capacity! He does not bend flat iron, but rectangular iron bar to spirals! He carries a full music band (10 men) on a heavy bridge! He tears strong chains! All tickets for this performance will be given away free to readers of "Der Montag" with the "Sport-Montag". The conditions for purchase can be found in the next issue of "Montag".

March 14

In lieu of cards! Mizzi Klamer and Bernhard Klamer: Married.

March 15

The representatives of all Jewish parties and corporations in Vienna denounce in a plenary session the excessive forms of the anti-Jewish movement in Vienna and Austria. "In inciting posters, pamphlets and assemblies the honor of the Jewish population is degraded, hatred and violence is agitated and the teachings of the Jewish religion are brought into discredit by inventions and distortions." Supported by: Viennese Jewish Community, Austrian Zionist Party, B'nai B'rith, Union of Austrian Jews, Alliance Israelite, Jewish National town councillors.

March 16

S. D. Hassan, member of the board and gabai of the temple of the Turkish Jewish Community (Sephardim), Vienna, dies in Vienna.

March 17

"Jewish Dinner party Innere Stadt" For the benefit of the Institute for the Blind "Hohe Warte" and the "Jewish Child Lovers" every Saturday, 4:30 pm in the large hall of Hotel de France, 1, Schottenring 8, five o'clock tea. Jazz band.

Anti-Semitic demonstration of German-national students at the College for Trade and Commerce. Rektor Gruntzel, a defendor of Jewish students, is attacked.

March 18-24

Vienna International Trade Fair.

March 24

For visitors of the Trade Fair: Export success in Saxonian stockings and gloves: Adolf Tarler, Wien, I Kohlmesserg. 6

March 25

Strike by employees of the Jewish Community, Vienna.

The Jewish Secondary School can, thanks to a foundation, move to its own premises in the Castellazgasse. Festive celebration with Chief Rabbi Dr. Chajes. The school has 250 pupils and 20 teachers.

March 30

"Pesach Coffee additive" According to the certificate issued by His Reverence Chief Rabbi Simon Schreiber from Erlau, is of truly kosher quality again available from Heinrich Franke and Sons, coffee alternative factory in Kosice. The factory is under the permanent control of an orthodox Jewish supervisor appointed by His Reverence, so that one can be assured that all products are reliably kosher and can be used by every co-religionist. Signs of authenticity: [Picture of a coffee grinder] and signature.

March 31

The Zionist politician Dr. Max Sprecher dies in a fatal accident while on a climbing expedition on the Rax mountain.

Early April

The first issue of the Ladino language periodical "El mundo sephardi", is published by the Viennese Academic Association of Sephardi Jews.

April 1

The Jewish Academic fraternity "Barissia" announces that Otto Stern, one of its members, has become engaged to Miss Irene Altmann.

April 3

Dr. Wilhelm Rosenberg, Vice President of the Anglo Austrian Bank, commits suicide. He came from a Viennese family, and was considered a very capable lawyer. He always stressed the ability of Austria to survive after the losses of WWI and gave instructions as to how Austria could emerge from the economic crisis.

April 5

Today evening 7 pm. Jewish Song Evening will be held in the venue of the "Scholle", 2nd district, conducted by Herr Scharrer. Participants: the ladies Dulickaja and Ehrenkranz, the gentlemen Chief Cantor Israel Alter and Marco Goldin (piano).

April 6

The Jewish dressmaker Marie L., who fled from Galicia to Vienna during the War, is sentenced to two months in prison for living in Stockerau, but working again in Vienna after being made redundant there. [This case shows the problematic situation of refugees who were not allowed to resettle and work in Vienna after having left the city once].

Emma Perutz, the mother of the writer Leb Perutz, dies in Meran from an illness.

April 8

The teacher Isidor Rosenheck is hit and hurt by a streetcar in the Praterstrasse.

April 14

Opening of the family café "Daenemark". Vienna, II, Praterstrasse 48, today 7 pm.

April 16

Registration of students from abroad starts at Vienna University. Many register, despite the raised tuition fees.

April 17

The funeral of Heinrich Eisenbach, at the cemetery of Hietzing with a large participation of colleagues, friends and the public. All the Viennese theatres were represented by most of their ensemble. A choir conducted by Chief Cantor Schleiser sang moving mourning hymns. Then Rabbi Dr. Gruenwald gave a memorial speech. After the ceremony the coffin, which was covered and loaded with wreaths, was lifted to a festive wagon while the mourning hymn was played and brought through an endless line of many thousands of participants to its last rest. Next to the open grave spoke Director Glinger, stage manager Jensen, the president of the Austrian theatre organization Staerk and in the name of the association of directors, Director Franz. [Eisenbach was a very popular actor and a representative of the 'Budapester', obviously a popular theatrical genre playing in pseudo-Yiddish. According to the Wiener Morgenzeitung this was honky-tonk theatre and he, as a gifted actor, could have done much better. "A Jargon theatre whose shameless profession it is, to defile the honor of the Jewish people every night and to bring it into discredit with hundreds of disgusting obscenities".]

April 19

Zionist Group of the Leopoldstadt quarter: Every Thursday informal gathering of members and introduction of visitors. Thursday, 19 April, 8 pm, in Café Fetzer, Praterstrasse, lecture: Frau Dr. Martha Hoffmann, "The Jewish Woman in German Spiritual Life" Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the hospital of the Vienna Jewish Community at the Waehringerguertel.

Burglary at the shop of the second hand dealer L. Kieselstein in the Wattgasse. The damage is 10 million Kronen. The culprits also stole ink which began to trickle and led a visible trace for the police. The culprits made a confession and part of the loot was able to be restituted.

April 22

Zionist worker party "Hitachdut". Tomorrow, Sunday, 22 April, 7:30 pm, in the banqueting hall of the Hotel Continental, II, Taborstrasse: Meeting of the Jewish Youth of Vienna. Dr. Nahum Goldmann speaks about "Problems of the Jewish Youth Movement", followed by a discussion. Overhead expenses: K 2000

April 29

The door-to-door salesman Jakob Junger of Vienna, 20, Leystrasse 77, went to Leizesdorf next to Stockerau to do business. The innkeeper and butcher Winkelmayer offered him skins and showed him a dead pig. When he told him that he had no use for it, the inn-keeper said to four lads "Grab the Jew, we are going to kill him!" Two of them rushed toward him with a drawn knife, but he was able to free himself. Then Winkelmayer ordered a rope to be put around Junger`s neck and to hang him. Junger could only free himself by leaving behind his hat and his bundle and then went to the local police station. Winkelmayer and the companions explained that it was only a joke, while Junger stressed that he remained alive only by escaping.

May 1

Initiative of the Hechaver-shelter refuge in the Alps. "Hechaver" proud to be an association which owns a refuge Regulations for the Hechaver-refuge: The fee for members of the J.S.B. Hechaver is 500 K., for non-members 1500 K, the fee for a night (straw mattresses) is 2000 K. and 5000 K respectively. The key can be obtained during evening meetings in the club from the administration, otherwise from the treasurer of the refuge section, Hugo Weiss, Zieglergasse 18, door 17 on the following conditions: Proof of membership of a Jewish organization which belongs to the Jewish Tourist organization and receipt for payment of the last monthly fee; payment for the refuge and the overnight accommodation and a security fee of 10,000 K. for the key with the promise on one's word of honor not to misuse it and not to give it further to a third person or let unauthorized people into the refuge, to treat the refuge and all its equipment as carefully as possible and to leave it without any changes. The key must be returned within 48 hours after return against return of the security fee. Fees for the refuge and overnight stay will be charged for every day of delay. Loss of the key must be notified immediately.

May 3

Reopening of the Café- and Garden Restaurant Konstantinhuegel in the Prater, Hauptallee (last station of the electric streetcar L, M, H2 and 4) under new management. Most pleasant stay. Warm and cold dishes at all hours of the day. Excellent beers and wines. Meeting place of the elegant world. Heated banquet, hall for bad weather. The owner Otto Kaserer.

May 4

The association "Livias Chen", II, Hollandstrasse 2, announces that the famous Cantor Efrojke Schlepak from Berdiczew, will pray in its prayer house, on Friday, 4th May, 7 pm, and on Saturday, 5th May, 8:30 am. All members are cordially invited.

May 6-11

First World Conference of Jewish Women. Opening: 6th May, 8 pm. in the Knight's Hall of the Hofburg with Federal President Dr. Hainisch. Venue of the conference: Board of the Viennese Chambers of Commerce, 1,Schwarzenbergplatz 16. Topics of the conference: "Religion and education", "Protection of Women and Girls", "Child welfare and the nation's health", "European and International Aid organizations", "Antenatal care", "Questions of Jewish migration", "The Palestinian emigration and the question of Palestine".

May 6

"The Protégés of the Jewish Women’s Organization" [Article describing the activity of the organization and the individual fate of people supported by it]

May 12

Diana swimming pool. Today opening of the swimming pools and the swimming bath with artificial waves. Daily family bathing.

The City Council holds a session about Jewish teachers in Vienna.

May 19

Sport fields Hohe Warte. Today, Saturday of Pentecost, 19th May 1923, 6 pm sharp: West Ham United v. Hakoah Vienna Before: Rapid-replacement team against Hakoah-replacement team [West Ham United is a First class English professional team; The result of the game was 1:1]

May 23

Wiener Komoedienhaus, IX, Nussdorferstrasse Last performance of visiting actors: Mali Picon, Jakob Kalich. Saturday, 26th, Sunday, 27th May: "Das Suesse Maedel" ["The sweet girl"] - Operetta by J. Kalich. Music by Mali Picon Monday, 28th May. Farewell concert: Sketches from "Jankale", "Zipke". Lieder recital and dances. Beginning: 7:30 pm. Sale of tickets in advance at the Komedienhaus, and at the office for theatre tickets.

May 31

As of today Max Geiger is performing again with his orchestra at the Grand Café "Fuerstenhof", Praterstrasse 25.

June 1

Value of German Mark drops below the Austrian Krone which has been the lowest rated currency in Europe.

June 3

General Assembly of the Beth Israel (Polish Shul) in Vienna: 1. Consolidation of Beth Israel for inclusion and gathering of all Ostjuden (east European Jews) living in Vienna through the unlimited absorption of members to enable an organization of the Ostjuden. 2. Development and expansion of its aims and functions, not only in the religious, but also in the social and cultural spheres.

June 5

Censorship lifted! Rolandbuehne, II, Praterstrasse 25, telephone 49-1-29: Today and on the following days short visiting performance of the famous Parisian nude dancer Adoree Villany in her pantomime show "The Red Sin". The show begins at 9:30 pm.

June 8

Registration for the 1st to 4th grades of the Jewish Primary School for Boys and Girls (teaching language German), 20th district, Denisgasse 33. Every Monday and Friday from 11 to 1 o'clock in the school office . For impoverished pupils a partial or full exemption from tuition fees.

June 10

Tenth Anniversary of the Viennese Blau-Weiss ("BlueWhite" - youth movement) with a night trip to the Burg Moedling, in which participated the Blau-Weiss groups from Vienna, Atzgersdorf and Baden as well as the "Old Blau-Weiss".

"Festive night" by Jewish community organization: Frighteningly the ruin towers up in the white moonlight, the torches in the court of the castle throw ghostly shadows on the bare wall. From the courtyard one hears a din of voices. It is the "vanguard" which builds the pile of wood for the big fire. Slowly the individual groups arrive and close the circle around the pile of wood. Finally all are together, also those from Baden and the "Old Blue-White". Now a rustle begins in the brushwood and soon the pile of wood is burning. – The noise has stopped. Some cords of a guitar are to be heard and one song is followed by another. Songs of power and strength, of happiness and optimism. Then suddenly quiet – One of those who founded the Bund ten years ago tells us about that time, about the days of action and misery and how we were victorious nevertheless. – Again the guitar is to be heard, the bodies stand erect when hearing the well known tune and our fighting song storms away: "I have the desire to fight the enemy in the wide fields…". The fire has burnt out, the songs have faded away. The moon is standing in the west. We leave the castle and move to our camps. The younger ones sleep in the tent, we older ones wrap up in blanket and lie down to sleep in the open air. Sleep? Sleep, if one could, but the picture around is too beautiful. Up between the treetops the stars, in the east a wonderful lightness, in the west the fading moon. In the court of the castle around the camp-fire a sleeping group. Two men guard the fire. In the rear of the castle singing is to be heard, it is the "Old Blue-White", after a long time again on a "trip" together. Among them one of us on a holiday from Palestine. Soon we will continue in a sharp march, firmly towards the set direction. In the east the sun has risen.

June 17

Leaving the Judaism: Konobi, Rudolf, born 3 March 1889 in Vienna, architect, 13th district, Huetteldorferstrasse 55. Spielmann, Ilse, born 4 February 1902 in Vienna, 13th district, Fenzlgasse 49. Himmler, Irene, born 1 March 1894 in Cseri, 7th district, Guttenberggasse 9. Mayer, Caecilie, born 13 November 1899 in Vienna, 2nd district, Reuppgasse 19. Fuerth, Paul, born 9 May 1893 in Vienna, clerk, 1st district, Esslinggasse 16. Hiessler, Siegfried, born 23 January 1878 in Vienna, 2nd district, Vorgartenstrasse 199. Weisz, Margarete, born 11 February 1896 in Vienna, 5th district, Pilgramgasse 10. Haim, Fritz, born 5 February 1893 in Vienna, 5th district, Hamburgestrasse 6. Ellmann, Fritz, born 23 April 1896 in Vienna, 6th district, Linke Wienzeile 14. Rechnitzer, Moriz, born 25 December 1897 in Budapest, 20th district, Burghardtgasse 4. Deutsch, Anna, born 2 April 1894, Pazmansdorf, 20th district, Waldmuellergasse 16. Schick, Margarete, born 25 April 1890 in Drenic, 20th district, Brigittaplatz 23. Vorstieber, Irma, born 21 March 1890 in Vienna, clerk, 16th district, Gablenzgasse 17. Brenner, Jakob, born 9 Dezember 1854 in Rabziszon, clerk, 1st district, Seitzergasse 3. Schwitzer, Otto, born 31 December 1879, Vienna, factory owner, 1st district, Grillparzerstrasse 5.

June 19

Article "The Jewish School System in Burgenland” , about the seven Jewish Primary Schools in Burgenland.

June 21

Association of Jewish Young Hikers. New Home at 2, Taborstrasse 59. Registration for Boys and Girls from 10 to 16 years every Wednesday from 5 to 7 o'clock. Club nights (also for guests) Sunday from 7 to 9 o'clock.

June 23

"Court Room. A splendid Verdict." Judge: Judge of the Higher Regional Court Dr. Fuhrmann. Prosecutor: Dr. Kadecka. Advocate: Dr. Plaschkes. Defendant: A weak 13 year old boy, whose face and behavior are a true proof of the excellent certificates of his school, his master and the representative of the youth court assistance. He admits to having kept his hat on his head while the procession of resurrection passed by. He was on his way home on the Saturday of the Holy Week, heard music and remained standing next to the house where he lives. The procession arrived; he kept his hat on as a religious Jew, which angered someone. The hat was knocked off his head, he put it back again, but could not get away because he was blocked. Oberkommissaer Mosberger certifies that he did not have the impression that the boy intended to disturb the religious service. When he heard the call "Down with the hat" he asked him to take off the hat or to leave. The boy did not answer and desperately held his hat. To protect him, he had him arrested. The prosecutor demanded a proper punishment. The advocate explained that the boy is from a Jewish orthodox family in which it is not permitted to have his head uncovered, even more so when it could be interpreted as homage to another religion. The circumstances did not allow the boy to go away and he surely did not have, according to his religious understanding, the awareness of the offensiveness of his behavior. Verdict: One month arrest with probation of three years. The advocate lodged an appeal and plea of nullity. We won't raise the question of whether the indictment against the boy should have been made. But every judge of any local court would have taken the education of the boy in account and tried to understand his way of thinking. The youth judge Fuhrmann though obviously does not deal with psychology as a matter of principle. He convicts. Why then do we need a youth judge at all?

June 28

Jewish School News: Talmud Tora Mizrachi, Vienna. Due to express demand the Talmud Tora Mizrachi, which has already achieved teaching success, will be open also during the holidays. Daily teaching from 9 to 12 am. New registrations are accepted in the secretary's office, 2nd district, Praterstrasse 43, daily from 3-6 pm. Hebrew School, 12 to 15 district. Today end of semester celebration, 7:30 pm, 15th district, Herklosgasse 21. Speech: Rabbi Dr. Taglich. Singing: Chief Cantor Margulies etc. Guests are welcome.

June 29

"How to raise tourist traffic in Austria". A Jewish business man from Vienna who was looking in Friesach/Carinthia for a summer house, was asked by Herr Scheriau who runs the tourist information office, if he was a Semite. When he affirmed this, Herr Scheriau explained to him that Jews, Italians and Czechs are not wanted, in Friesach. After hearing this friendly information the Viennese merchant did not have any choice other than to wait for the next train and travel back home. But during his stay, which lasted only a couple of hours, he had the opportunity to get to know the hospitable attitude of the staunch Carinthians. He was assaulted on the market place as a Jew and even threatened, whereby a representative of the dignitaries of Friesach, namely the physician Dr. Hans Hinrichs, excelled himself with his vulgar coarseness.

June 30

Yiddish Workers' Union (JILAP) "Jewish Theatre", Taborstrasse 12, Hotel Stefanie. Evening with texts by Shalom Aleichem with full program. Tickets can be bought at Café "Magnet", Matildenplatz, or at the ticket office "Aida", 2, Taborstrasse.

July 2

The murderer of Konrad Karger, son of Ing. Paul Karger, Second chairman of the "League of Anti-Semites" and treasurer of the "Voelkisch-Antisemitic Combat Committee", has been arrested. Karger and Rudolf Novosat belonged to a national socialist party and to its group "Ordnerwehr". Novosat killed Karger for being a 'traitor'. The police discovered during its investigation a national socialist network of at least two terror groups connected to Munich which planned to kill disagreeable persons on a 'black list'.

July 4

A discussion in the Parliament leads to an anti-Semitic outrage. While discussing a proposal urging the government to pass a law fighting sexually transmitted diseases, the German National MP Dr. Ursin blames the Jews from the East for spreading venereal diseases. He demands a medical examination of all 'Ostjuden' living in and entering Austria. Wiener Morgenzeitung, 5 July, p. 1: "When anybody can be blamed for the spread of venereal disease, so is this only the war, praised by Ursin and his political friends as a strengthening "bath of steel" for the people. The syphilis has been carried by the glorious K.U.K. Army into the hinterland, front-line fighters and soldiers brought this bad guest during their vacation into the families; in the communications zone the officers and troops not only infected the population, but also the female auxiliaries with this horrible disease. Herr Ursin who boasts his military experience in base hospitals during the war, knows these consequences of the war and when he uttered yesterday in the Parliament such an infamous accusation, so did he do this against his better medical knowledge and against his human conscience."

July 7

Empty holiday resorts in Carinthia. From Klagenfurt it has been written to us: The "Kaerntner Tagespost" bewails bitterly the complete collapse of the Carinthian holiday resorts and blames the leading Viennese newspapers for it. The government is also guilty for the resorts being empty and the "Kaerntner Tagespost" demands it to act forcefully against newspapers which dare to publish "slanderous articles" against the upright Carinthians and their tremendously high pricing systems. Of course, all are to be blamed that the Carinthian landlords can move freely with their Aryan guests in their expensive holiday apartments in this summer, all, but the staunch Carinthians. They are naturally hapless victims of a true persecution led by the bad newspaper against them. The "Kaerntner Tagespost" would not have needed to go so far, because we have pointed out more than once the reason why the resorts in their country are empty. This is a result of the rowdy anti-Semitism, which keeps away the Jewish public on which the Carinthians also depend. Carinthia is a country for which the tourist industry is a major asset. Such a country cannot allow itself to assault tourists, whose race is not liked by the natives, wherever they go. To spoil their stay in the country with anti-Semitic harassment. If the dear "Tagespost" told this to its readers, then Carinthia would also have some tourist industry again.

July 8

Walk to the grave of Herzl. Jewish Sportsmen and Athletes! This year’s walk to the grave of Herzl, is to be held on Sunday the 8th, at 9:30 am and it should, especially this year, turn into an impressive display. Duty to participate! Sportsmen and gymnasts meet at 9:15 am at the left side of the Karl Ludwig-Platz. Earlier meeting places of unions and departments are to be arranged by them. More than 20,000 participants: "Favored by wonderful weather, the traditional walk of the Viennese Zionists to the Herzl grave at the Doeblinger cemetery, marking the anniversary of Herzl's death, was held on Sunday, 8th May. According to the last will of Herzl not to give speeches at his grave, it became a holy tradition to march past the grave in silence. The celebration, reduced to this walk to the grave, makes an even deeper impression."

July 13

A foundation to support female studies in fine arts. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Viennese school of art for women and girls, the painter Olga Prager, who initiated the foundation of the school, has submitted to the painter A.F. Seligmann, who teaches at this institution, a preliminary sum of several millions collected from art lovers. The money, in the form of a foundation, shall bear the name of this teacher and its interest shall be used according to his free judgment for the studies of destitute and gifted women and girls. Among the contributors are members of the families of Whitehead, Thorsch, Rothschild, Mautner, Gomperz, Lieben, Breuer, Zirner, Mardl-Maldenau, President Dr. Porges, Pollok-Parnegg and many others.

Death of Dr. Alexander Marmorek, supporter of Herzl, member of Kadimah, Zionist activist, and scientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris.

July 14

Restaurant Stern, Baden, Antongasse 13. Orthodox כשר, Abbazia "Villa Felice" It is most recommended thanks to its well-known good cuisine. It is guaranteed that due to the long establishment in Abbazia as well as in Trencen Teplitz, that distinguished guests in Baden will also be most satisfied. Also strongly recommended for weddings and dinners.

July 22

Against heat and thirst only Clio fizzy drink. Available everywhere! Cliowerke, Wien, I Rotenturmstrasse

The Academic Association of Hebrew Students, "Tarbut", congratulates its co-founder, colleague Heinrich Silbermann on his graduation as Doctor of Medical Sciences.

July 26

Student gives tutoring in all subjects of grammar school, in French, Jewish history and religion, for a modest fee. Success guaranteed. Please write under "Success 7366" to the administration of this paper.

Young Jewish dressmaker, independent worker, wanted! Salary: 100 Czech Kronen and full board etc. Please write under "Saturday's rest" to the administration.

July 29

Cafes, Restaurants and summer resorts: o Paul Opocynski's Restauration "Zitahof", VII., Mariahilferstr. 88a, Delicious כשר Cuisine o Restaurant Barschak, II., Grosse Schiffgasse 3. Strictly orthodox, כשר kitchen. o Restaurant Braken, II., Kleine Pfarrgasse 29. Newly renovated, strictly orthodox כשר kitchen. o Restaurant Mayersohn, II., Taborstrasse 24a. Superior ritual כשר kitchen under the supervision of the Rabbinate of the Schiffschul. "Wienea", II., Obere Donaustrasse 91 (next to the Dianabad). Largest כשר Restaurant under the supervision of "Ada Jisroel". Most delicate cold meat and sausages. o Viennese Theater Cafe (Rechtschaffen), II., Praterstrasse 33. Elegant bourgeois Coffee house. Superb drinks and cold dishes. Pleasant stay at the large, newly renovated terrace.

July 30

In tragic circumstances the 65 year old secretary of the Polish Temple in the Leopoldgasse, Adolf Saif, died yesterday. A wedding was planned to be held there yesterday noon. Bride and bridegroom appeared on time, but the rabbi was missing. To put an end to this embarrassing situation, the secretary went by car to the Stadttempel to ask for a rabbi there. But as a cause of all this agitation, he fell sick on his way and arrived at his destination nearly unconscious. An ambulance was called, but the secretary died from a stroke before it arrived.

August 2

Ida Neumann, Franz Heller and Alfred Wolf, three members of Hakoah, die in a fatal accident while on a hiking expedition in Switzerland. Ida Neumann belonged to the union nearly since its foundation. She was a most excellent athlete who was active first in the swimming department, later on in the hockey group and then in the tourist [hiking] section with much success. Franz Heller was also one of the oldest members of the union. He was an excellent hockey player and ardent tourist. Alfred Wolf joined Hakoah in 1921 and was active in the tourist and chess section. He was considered to be one of the best Viennese chess players and he gained his biggest success in last year's competition in the Messepalast.

August 3

The Temple (synagogue) Association in Leopoldstadt, Eschel Avrohom. The management of the Pazmanitentempel (synagogue) informs us that it has successfully signed the well-known Cantor, Herr Jehuda Mueller, for the vacant position of chief cantor. Chief Cantor Mueller is taking up office tonight, 7 pm, and invites his large flock of friends and admirers to this festive occasion.

August 5

Poor, desperate mother (Jewish) wishes to hand over her 5 month old beautiful girl due to bitter misery, to a well-off family. Please write under "Happily provided for" to the administration of the newspaper.

August 15

The Kenessio Gdauloh: The congress of the Agudas Jisroael will be opened today in the Zirkus Renz, 2nd district, Zirkusgasse 44. At yesterday's press conference its was said that 442 participants have registered. Most of them - 242 - arrived from Poland; Germany sent 45, Czechoslovakia 21, and Romania 26 delegates. Eight delegates came from Palestine, 14 from North America. The conference program features lectures about the idea and substance of the organization, reports about the wishes of orthodox Jewish groups in individual countries and consultations about educational and economic matters. It has been stated that an important part of the conference will be dedicated to the question of Palestine.

August 24

Zionist Group of the Leopoldstadt quarter: Tomorrow, Saturday, 25th August 1923, 7:30 pm, in the Hotel Contintental, II., Taborstrasse: Agenda: Report about the 13th Zionist Congress. Speaker: Robert Stricker.

News from Jewish School: o Hebrew School, 20th district, Othmargasse 46. Registration for children and adults, beginners and advanced students are held daily from 5 to 7 and on Sundays from 10-12 o'clock. o Hebrew Kindergarten, 20th district, Othmargasse 46. Registration for the newly founded Hebrew Kindergarten for children from age 4-6 of both sexes are held daily from 5 to 7 and on Sundays from 10 to 12 o'clock. o Hebrew School for the 12th and 15th district. Classes continuing the course from last year and new courses for adolescents and adults start early September. Registrations daily 3-7 pm (not on Saturdays) and on Sundays from 9-12 am. 15th district, Herklotzgasse 21/3. o Jewish Kindergarten for the 12th and 15th district. Children who were in the kindergarten last year and those who wish to join should be registered now. Daily (not on Saturdays) from 3-7 pm and on Sundays from 9 to 12 am. 15th district, Herklotzgasse 21/3. o Hebrew Classes. The association of Hebrew Schools, 2nd district, Grosse Mohrengasse 16/22 opens several courses for advanced students and beginners (children and adults). Registrations on weekdays from 5 to 7 pm, on Sundays from 11 to 1pm in the rooms of the Hebrew school.

August 30

Review of the film "Ost und West" with Mali Picon and Jacob Kalisch. E. G. Fried, p. 4f. "But what captured me in this film, was the true Jewish atmosphere which is depicted in picture, mimicry, gestures and sounds in a homogenous way. There is neither the irritating ardor nor shallow sentimentalism of the mimic expression. This must rightly be stressed. The milieu as depicted here, conveys true atmosphere, not annoyance. Even the music, composed mostly from Jewish popular motifs, fits nicely to the atmosphere."

September 1

Cabarett Hoelle [Hell] - VI., Linke Wienzeile 6 Tel: 8300 Saturday, 1st September, premiere of the sensational opening program: Josma Selim. At the Piano: Dr. Ralph Benatzky. Karl Rapp, Germany's best grotesque comedian; Martha Jaeckel with her original repertoire. !!! Karl Farkas !!! Elinor & Enrique Harrys Guido Gialdini "The Lady Without Dress" Sketch with the film star Heinrich Peer and the rest of the rich program. Tickets daily at the box office and in all tickets offices. Leopoldi-Wiesenthal I., Rothgasse 5, Tel.: 62-4-30 Hermann Leopoldi, Fritz Wiesenthal here again! The sensational movie "Ost und West". Production: Sidney M. Goldin, with Maly Picon and Jakob Kalisch in the leading parts. Starting today: Heimat-Kino IX., Porzellangasse 19 Nestroy-Bio II., Praterstrasse 34 Leopoldstaedter Volkskino II., Rotensterngasse 7a

September 3

Hakoah Vienna wins in London 5:0 against the English professional club West Ham United.

September 11

Congratulations for Rosh HaShana!

Wanted: For young Palestinian girl, room with family in Grinzing with full board. Kind offers should be sent to Spiegel, Hotel "Saechsischer Hof", Taborstrasse. Wanted: For a new establishment in Jaffa, a girl or childless woman who is trained in cutting out, measuring and all other tasks in the production of clothes for gentlemen and ladies. Only Jewish applicants who completely match the requirements and who are willing to immigrate to Palestine immediately should send their offers under "Only industrious worker" to the administration of the paper.

September 15

A Jewish vocational school for Women. The Elisabethheim for war orphans, female apprentices and workers opens on September 15th in its own building, 2nd district, Malzgasse 7, a vocational school for women wishing to learn needlework, clothes making and embroidery.

September 24

Mass meeting of Hakoah in the Big Hall of the Hotel Continental. Speaker: Dr. Koerner, president of Hakoah, and Dr. Plaschkes, Town councillor of Vienna.

September 27

Farewell! On Sunday, 7th of October, I leave Vienna for good to build up a new life in Palestina. Prevented by urgent business from saying good-bye to my many friends, I would like to bid all of them a hearty farewell in this way. Good bye in Eretz Israel! David Horowitz II, Tandelmarktgasse 11.

September 28

In an inquiry by the "Jewish Tribune", New York, asking its readers whom they believe to the most important Jew of the world, Arthur Schnitzler is voted in the 12th place (Albert Einstein is No. 1). 11 Nov: Schnitzler's reply to the editor of the paper, Hermann Bernstein: "I thank you very much for your attentiveness with which you sent me the "Jewish Tribune". I am delighted that I was included by your readers into the list of the "12 most important Jews of the World". The "Jewish Tribune" seems to me to be a very useful and valuable paper with a noble editorship, dedicated to the task of serving the interests of Judaism, a task which is of the utmost importance, especially today in a time of unrestrained anti-Semitism, Yours sincerely, Artur Schnitzler"

September 30

I ask for work!! I am 21 years old, speak German, Hungarian, English and French, by profession a painter, but now unemployed, although willing to work. I will accept any honest job, because I don't want to die. Letters to W. Berger, II, Novaragasse 45.

October 5

A Jewish elector's assembly held in the Café Halpern, XX, Gaussplatz 5, at which Baurat Robert Stricker was supposed to talk, was stormed by Social Democratic security police troops.

October 10

Announcement. There are rumors claiming that I have supported an anti-Semitic party by wrapping the meat and sausages sold by me in election calls of anti-Semitic parties. I declare herewith explicitly that I shall sue anybody who spreads this infamous lie. Gabriel Fischer, Orthodox Sausage Factory and Sale of Meat, Vienna, II. Grosse Schiffgasse 11

October 17

Today, Wednesday, 17 October, 6 pm. An election discussion is held in the clubroom of the Edelstein Club, 1st district, Spiegelgasse 10, for club members only. Speakers: City councillor Dr. Schwarz-Hiller; City councillor Dr. Pollak-Parnau.

October 20

Beginning of the academic year at Vienna University. Mass assembly of the German-Voelkisch students in the great hall. Speeches about the Numerus Clausus and against Jewish professors Fischl (Dean of Medicine School) and Kappelmacher (Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Humanities).

October 21

Elections for the Parliament. The mandats: 81 Christian Socialist (+19,8 %); 66 Social Democrats (+ 30,1%); 12 'Great Germans' and 6 Landbuendler. The Jewish Election Community gains an increase of 35.7%, but does not make it into Parliament. In Vienna it gets 24,784 voices and will be represented in the following districts: Innere Stadt (I): 2 Mandates; Leopoldstadt (II): 6 Mandates; Mariahilf (V.): 1 Mandate; Neubau (VII): 1 Mandate; Josefstadt (VIII): 1 Mandate; Alsergrund (IX): 2 Mandates.

October 23

Inaugural lecture of Doz. Dr. Kappelmacher made impossible by National Socialists shouting "Saujud!"

The Unity of Jewish Community in Vienna in danger. Representatives of Agudas Israel (orthodox organization) demand in the meeting of the members of the board of the community for the orthodox community "Adas Yisroel" the same autonomous rights as the Viennese Sephardi community and its own section in the Jewish cemetery. 'Achudus Israel', under the leadership of Rabbi Mayersohn, calls for a protest assembly of the conservative associations against this demand. Represented are, among others, the groups Beth Israel, Achdus Israel, Machsike Hadath, Livias Chen, Emes Vescholaum, Chassidim, Bene Brith, Chesed Shel Emes, Esras Israel, Seudat Sabath, Freundschaft und Bruederlichkeit, Juedische Kleingewerbetreibende, Gemilas Chesed. They pass a resolution in which they strongly protest against the separation of the community initiated by the Schiffschul. The assembly denounces these efforts and denies the Schiffschul, a tiny congregation of Orthodox, the right to represent Viennese Orthodox Jewry. Since the main part of Tora-believing Jews want co-operation with the community in the way of the Tora and condemns separatist aspirations." . Gelb, II, Flossgasse 9.

October 24

Notice! I have taken up again the sale of כשר Milk כשר interrupted by the war. Home delivery upon request.

October 28

Mother and Daughter and six tenants in one room. Klara Katz had given notice to her tenant Israel Reiser who has lived in the furnished flat because the room was urgently needed by her, since she has got only one other room in which she, her 15 year old daughter and six tenants live. She is about to marry and in order not to deprive six tenants of their bed, she preferred to give notice only to one. She showed a confirmation from the rabbi of the planned marriage and the groom confirmed that he wishes to marry only if the flat is empty, because he does not want to move into a room, especially not as a husband, where eight people already live. The local court in Leopoldstadt declared the notice valid, because the planned wedding was certified by the confirmation of the rabbi and one cannot expect a married couple to move into a room where six tenants live. The tenant appealed against this verdict with the statement that in a room where eight people already live, a ninth could also live. The court of appeal Berufungssenat (headed by Hofrat Dr. Glaser) did not accept this argument and confirmed the first verdict.

November 1

The "Union of Jewish Researchers, Writers and Artists 'Haruach' in Vienna", secretary Dr. Z. F. Finkelstein, calls on the Jewish public to donate money to alievate the suffering "Jewish intellectual worker in Germany" with food donations.

November 5

National Holiday. The Republic of Austria was proclaimed 5 years ago.

November 8

Dr. Arthur Ruppin, member of the Zionist executive in Palestine, passes through Vienna. "He will use the opportunity of his stay to give an informative talk at the Zionist party day and to contact financial circles which are interested in the building projects in Palestine."

November 14

Mourning service in the synagogue in the Seitenstettengasse for the "Fighter for Jewish honor", Rabbi Dr. Josef S. Bloch, who passed away several days ago.

November 17

Anti-Semitic uproar at Vienna University. To prevent chaos, only registered students were allowed to enter the Great Hall. After German-Voelkisch students were joined by students from other universities, the Nazis entered the hall and occupied it. The Jewish students were forced to leave the hall. Then the Nazis moved to the University library and also there forced Jewish students to leave the reading room. "This impudent piece of villainy of some academic rowdies who try to hide their lack of brains under a colorful cap is prone to damage even further the diminished reputation of Vienna University as a place of education."

November 18

The illustrator Grete Wolf-Kracauer exhibits in an exhibition of Austrian female artists in the Hagenbund.

Memorial service for Jewish academics fallen in the war and unveiling of a grave tomb for the young academic Alfred Berger, fallen in 1916, at the Viennese Zentralfriedhof (cemetery) with the participation of several student fraternities.

November 20

Disturbances of public order by German-Voelkisch students at the College of Advanced Technology and the College for Commerce and Trade: Students of the College of Agriculture with swastika badges stormed into the classes of Jewish teachers and demanded that all Jewish students should leave the room. There were also violent scenes at the College of Advanced Technology.

Memorial exhibition for the Viennese painter David Kohn, who died last year in the newly opened Galerie Holbein at the Franz-Josefs-Quai.

November 25

Large Protest march of the Jewish Student Union, the Jewish Community, the Zionist Organization, the Union of Austrian Jews and the Liberal-Social Union against the anti-Semitic agitation at Austrian universities and colleges.

December 2

Young Jewish Sporting-Club: A Chanuka Soiree, supported by Dr. Desider Friedmann, is held for our suffering brothers in Germany on 2 December. – Place: Olympiasaele, I, Rotgasse. Time: 8 pm. The Fur Shop Egon Fiehl has donated a most special prize for this event.

December 10-12

Strike of the Austrian Post, Telephone and Telegraph workers. Austria is left for three days without any means of communication.

December 14

The well-known fighter for the feminist movement, Dr. Brunhilde Wien, is buried in Vienna. She studied philosophy in Switzerland, against the wishes of her religious family, and supported herself by working in offices and by teaching in Belgium and the Netherlands. To earn money for continuing her studies, she went as a 19 year old to Argentina where she worked for several years, engaged in social work, worked as a librarian and in offices. Soon she wrote for several newspapers and scientific journals in Buenos Aires and despite her youth she became a professor of philosophy.

December 21

An insolent robbery in the Leopoldstadt": A 60 year old lawyer, working in an advocate's office, was attacked in the Obere Donaustrasse 45a and robbed of 75 millions.

December 23

Strong snowfall in Vienna. Winter solstice with days of heavy frost and much snow. The snow can be taken away only slowly, the mail cannot be distributed and ambulances are stuck.